Server Roles

Self Assigning Server Roles (NB Hub Discord Server)

These server roles were created to help keep things organised, the server will have quite  a bit of different topics that we can discuss but they are not meant for everyone, some would prefer to have nothing to do with certain topics, so to keep everyone happy we have segregated certain parts of the server and allow our users to assign roles to their username which unlock certain parts of the server that interest them.

County Based Server Roles

By assigning a county to your username, you will unlock more localised discussion, we have a section with a list of cities from around the province which are not visible to those without a county assigned to their username.

To have your county role assigned use the following commands but please keep in mind to use lowercase letters in the commands themselves.

Syntax: ?county_<county name>


Other Special Interest Server Roles which you can assign:

\___ This will unlock a section for political discussion and debate

\___ This will unlock a section for those who are interested in Cryptocurrency

\___ This will unlock a section for those who are interested in Gaming of all sorts.

\___ This will unlock the “RSS Feeds” Category which has provincial news, national news and also reddit activity from popular NB based subreddits.

\___ This will unlock the Community Radio Section which allows uses to put requests for youtube videos to be streamed with the voice channel that the bot is setup to stream to.